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Website Speed Optimisation

Is your website too slow?

We know a number of different techniques that will make your website faster, so your clients can have a frustration free experience when visiting your site.
While it’s difficult to provide pre-build packages for website speed optimisation because every case is different, we normally achieve great improvements in 5 hours or less.
Choose one of our website speed optimisation packages to get starting and make your website fast.

Website Speed Optimisation Plans

On Demand
You pay at the end of the month for the work completed in your website.
5 Hours

5 hours of Prepaid Website Maintenance and Support

10 Hours

10 hours of Prepaid Website Maintenance and Support

All website maintenance requests have a minimum charge of one tenth (1/10) hour (6 minutes), with all additional time charged to the nearest one tenth (1/10) hour. If the maintenance work requested exceeds 2 hours, we will notify you before doing the work. Any additional time will be billed at the initial rate. A time log of time spent will be provided upon request.
We create a backup of your website before doing any changes.
The Fine Print
Website Maintenance and Support will not cover marketing, consulting, travel, 3rd party product purchases and/ or software purchase of any kind. These packages are designed for Maintenance and/or General Labour only. Strategic services not included.
* All prices in this website include GST