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Referral Program

At 8 Corporation Pty Ltd we offer a commission based referral program to reward companies and individuals who refer clients to us.

Simply promote our services and for every successful referral you will receive a commission. Commission rates are outlined in the table below.
Service Type Services Commission
Once off services
  • Web Design Projects
  • Web Development Projects
Recurring services
  • Hosting
  • SSL Certificates
  • CMS Backups & Updates
  • Web Maintenance
10% every renewal
(see the “Fine Print” below)
Not applicable
  • Google Workspace
  • Domains
Not applicable

The Fine Print

Commission Payments

Every referral counts toward the total of your commissions no matter how big or small the project referred is. Due to administrative costs, the minimum payment for your commission or accumulated commissions is $100. You must accumulate a minimum of $100 worth of commissions for payment to be processed.
A commission limit of $1,000 per project applies.
You will be asked to provide an invoice to receive the commission.

Commission Periods

If you refer a client to us, you will receive commissions on any purchases that they make for the next 18 months. This is calculated according to the rates listed in the table above, from the time that the client makes their initial purchase.
You can extend the commission period for previously referred clients by referring a new client to us. Previously referred clients will adopt the expiration date of the newly referred client. This means that you can continue to earn commissions on multiple clients for an unlimited time if you continue referring new clients to us.
If you do not refer new clients to us for 18 months, the commissions period for all previously referred clients will expire. Once a commission period expires, it remains expired even if a new client is referred to us.